Sunday, February 1, 2009

1st day of our trip

We took bus on the Chinese New Year Eve from Penang to Kuala Lumpur and we flied to Hainan Island on the 1st day of cny. All of us spent 2 nites at Wenchang, the place where my uncle live. We were freezing cold. At that moment, i was thinking of having malaysia's wheather, but when i am in Penang, how i wish i could have Wenchang's wheather...Human is so hard to was a must for us to pay our respect to the Lee ancestors on the first day we arrived especially the guys. The only source of entertainment during the time at village was none other than playing fire crackers. I was totally out from blogging world.haha. I love the food which were cooked by my aunt n cousins..yummy!! i m still thinking of the pork...''mouth hanging open''. Spending time with our china's relatives was the most valuable to me.

we had arrived at Haikou airport and were on our way to wenchang in a bus.The back passengers were occupied by the ''young ones''.

my cousins... Ah Pat and Ah ling. wonder whether they snored??
at the streets. Citizens in china sell fire crackers as much as they like...

sungai Pinang dirtier or this???
arrived at the ancestor house.

me and ah pat.
they need to climb up to put the joss sticks. only guys are allowed to climb up.

walking on the streets

me and yi xian- my niece.

enjoying the delicious food!!! yay!!

jaw dropping.....saliva drawling out..

everyone was busy eating

back to the past!! being childish is something interesting

the Lok family.

from left to right: my mom, me and my aunt


Chong Wee said...

did u meet her? lauzharbo?
haha anneh ngam she also went hainan island lol

go see her post

pinyin said...

i didnt meet her... but the place she went to, i went too..hahhah.. maybe we went to the same place but at the different time. hahaha/