Thursday, February 5, 2009

2nd Day At Wenchang, Hainan Island

i will call the 2nd day at WenChang as 'the photo taking day'. After our lunch at our ancestor's house, we took lots of family pictures. Please do click on them to take a better look. XD. I was a bit under the weather on the 2nd day...and i didnt know why but i suspect that it was because of the coldness, the lack of sleep plus drinking 'the china beer'.. I slept the whole day at my uncle's house and i have missed out a lot of fun... :(

The day started off with FOOD!!yummy.

The Malaysians having their lunch.

take a look at the 'china's flag'...good feng sui for them huh...i wonder where are 'malaysia's flag'? We should hang the guy's boxer instead. *wink*

PIGS = babi.

dun play play...the pigs are well trained to pee!!they took their turns to pee...and they took their turns to drink their pee too.

Pig: hey you....wanna give me a kiss?? i bet i kiss better than you.

can you spot the NOT??

my cousins!!!

the whole bunch of guys....

my cousins from malaysia + china

Keluarga kesayangan ku- my beloved family members.

what were we looking at???

The 'LeeS'. my mom's siblings. from left to right: Lee Boon Suan, Lee Boon Hoon, Lee Boon Tatt, Lee Boon _____, Lee Jee Boey,Lee Jee Kin, Lee Jee Siew, Lee Jee Ngoh

Everyone was in the HOUSE!!!! wohoo!!!

Long & Sexy.......

this was what we did during the nights at WenChang.

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Anonymous said...

i always enjoy looking at the family photo..tks its really nicely done..anyway..wishing u happy easter...from bermuda..