Monday, February 16, 2009

After i had started working, many things have changed, certainly changed. My life routine changes, the time i can spend with my friends got lesser, the time i can do all those stupid but funny stuff have stopped...because my colleagues will think that i am nuts or out of my mind. haha. My everyday routine will be, wake up 7.40 in the morning, reach the office at 8.30am, start working, lunch break at 1pm, work till 5.45pm, go home, do the things i love to do most which is - RELAX!! by playing my lovely mate-the guitar, watch series, talk to my siblings and never forget to play with my dog! When the clock tick to 11.30pm, here goes the bed. It continues for the whole weekdays. man...!!! cant my life get more excited a lil??? hahaah.. However, i feel very lucky to hav a good temporary job...i love the things i have learnt and i love the people in the office but definitely not all.- who does when there are some annoying ppl around?

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=YeongLi= said...

pin yin !
it is like this one ~
i used to work 2 months during my break.
it is kinda lifeless!
ahahhaa `
luckily i was working with my sis, mom and aunt~
not that boring !
ahhaha ~
take care~
have fun !