Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hainan Island Trip

Hainan Island on the first day of CNY 2009. Damn auspicious day to travel. I got to say i love this trip a lot, mainly because i could spent my cny with whole bunch of damn crazy and outgoing ppl where you can hardly find them..... and of course not because of the TOILET. The aroma of the natural 'disaster' really made my hair stand.eeeww.. Lets not talk bout this.... ok..back to this! The feeling of happiness and the feeling joy with all my family members at Hainan Island were indescribable. I really did cherished every day, every hour, every min and every second with them, knowing clearly that these moment will not come easily again. My cousins, aunts, uncles from China have given us the best hospitality ever!! Thanks for the dishes they cooked for us and i am truly sorry that if they thought that we Malaysian ppl are like 'hungry ghost'.hhahahaha... we even continue eating when there were sudden black-out and nearly finished everything on the table each meal. hahahah... I will post up the pics very soon.... so chaoz...!

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