Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mom's Retirement Party

I suppose to be posting on my china trip but i think i should post up bout my mom's retirement party it came few days b4 our trip. lol. This party was suggested by my uncle and all of us planned it for my mom. It was a surprise party and we got to shut our mouth to keep this secret from her. My mom was near to tears when she found out bout it at my aunt's house. It was fun!

mom cutting the cake. love the cakes...yummy.haha

the decorations.

my mom & i and with the banner.

fire works at the pent house..was not a very good idea..

me and the banner!! i designed the banner...haha. i know it looks simple but i designed a banner for the first time!! wohoo!! congrats to me!! wah... i know i sedang syok sendiri here..

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Anonymous said...

my turn will come soooon..and hope 2 have the same type of party...hehhehhh