Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Beloved Ones...

The people in the pictures below are my cousins , nieces and nephews....

my nephews.left guy named-Eric, the right guy named-Ah Jun
the cutest couple ever!! the lil guy is my cousin-HannChern, the lil girl is my niece-Lu Ya
us at the Haikou International Air Port. the g=lil girl with green tie is my niece-Yi Xian, the girl with silver bag is my niece as well-Li San and the gal next to me is my cousin-LinMin
from left to right: HannChern, Yu Ying,Xing Yi, Yi Xian, Lu Ya, Yun Chia and LiSan
Lu Ya and Me. XD

LinMin, Yi xian and Hannchern

from left to right: my bro-Jeremy, my cousin-KwanLin,Gary and Jue Yi

Me,Lu Ya and Jue Ling

at one of the Sanya beaches...

Jay chou!!!! eh..he is also consider as my beloved one ok... aiks..i am shooting him!!

Li san, YinMei and Lu Ya
Li San, Yi Xian ans Lu Ya

moo moo
China Next Top Model to be...


Eric, HannChern and me

Ah Jun,Me and YiXian
pinyin and Li san

Hannchern's latest best friends...haha


Yi Xian and HannChern


=YeongLi= said...

it is fun going back to our ancestor home in CHina~
i been there once
but at XIamEn~

pinyin said...

xiamen?? wah...nice name.hahaaha... yea.. it was indeed a fun trip where all of us got to spend our time together...