Saturday, February 21, 2009

One In A Million

One In A Million (OIAM) is reality show where it is naturally created for the Malaysians to show their singing talents. It started 3 years ago with Suki as the 1st One In A Million baby then followed by Ayu and this year is the 3rd season. During the 1st year show, I looked forward to the show everytime they aired it. Sometimes, i would jump up and down from my chair resulted by the cool and outstanding performances especially by Alif, Faizal, Suki and Dayang.

However, things are totally different this year! I did not have this similar ''reaction'' when i was watching the 1st show last Friday. Instead, i kept on complaining to my mom bout the contestants. No doubt that each of them has very strong and powerful vocal, the problem is that, whether or not they are likeable by US... the voters? This is the question that will determine their future. We have tons of great singers with their incredible and stand-out voices in Malaysia...The problem is that, i will not spend my money on their albums because they do not have these charms which can grab my attention. This is what we call it- like-able-lity.

I do not think i will watch it again this coming ''Once bitten, twice shy.'' I do not understand why do they want to start this show same time as American Idol because i think that people will start to compare the standard of the contestants from America with the ones in Malaysia...

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