Saturday, February 7, 2009


My whole Saturday was spent with my fellow friends visit to my house and also attending AiFern's cousin's wedding. Those who came to my house for CNY visit were- Kenny, YongChin, Sing Ghee, Pin Chuan, Hui Keong, Pei Shan, Lay Chia and Huichen. Thanks for dropping by to HuiKeong & friends and thanks for spending your precious time with the Play Station to Kenny & friends.haha. Thanks to Aifern for inviting me to her cousin's wedding.

Pinchuan-the guy with black shirt, and Kenny busy choosing their favourite Playstation games.

wahliu...come to my house to play DOTA??

Singghee-the guy with white & red stripes, yongchin-the guy with red shirt

Pinchuan fell in love with my dog-maxie..haha

Today is Sze Tatt & Evelyn's big day...Congrats to them! XD

Pretty woman....walking down the street....pretty woman....wo la la...who is tat??

Aifern: Of cuz its me!!! hehe.

my mom and i
the bride and the bridegroom

joanne- the gal with purple dress together with fern and Aunaun

sitting-from left to right:joanne, aifern.standing-me and chiamei

busy talking
Tak ada Babi,tak ada cina.haha

us together with aifern's mom.


Lagi kita??

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