Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Eve

So ever wonder what were the ''independent'' people do during the Valentine's Day eve?? These were the stuff they did.... Take a look. XD. They went to certain places to make themselves excited- Red Box, Gurney Drive, Coffee Bean at Gurney Hotel, Coffee Island are the chosen places to hang out by them.
They are- from left to right- yongchin, ooppss he is suppose to be taken, chris, sing ghee and ah pin.

the guys with Lee Wen.

machi??? eeeee...

ah pin and me

sing ghee and me

lee wen n singghee

entau eh... hou mian hai you....

PS: Happy birthday to Sing Ghee and Maria!!! and also Happy VAlentine to all of you!!!!! chaoz....

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