Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 March 2009

10th of March is a day to remember for all the stpm students 2008. On that very morning... just like everyone else, i felt very nervous, not knowing what will be my results be. Butterflies in my stomach...i could not eat or drink much...sweaty palms...I was so anxious that i actually sms my class teacher-Pn.Loo to ask her whether i can collect my result slip earlier than 12pm...haha. At approximately 11.20am, Pn.Loo phoned me. I thought well, i might allowed to get my slip earlier than 12pm...Here went our conversation over the phone.

Pn.Loo- Pinyin... congrats!! you have 3As (we took 4 subs in STPM)
Pinyin-OMG!!!! really??? (i sounded very very excited)

She named me all my friends name whom they scored straight As and also 3As. I could feel that she was more delighted than me. haha.

Pn.Loo- eh... wait.. you dont get 3As.
Pinyin- what?? (my heart stop) shit
Pn.Loo- You scored 4As

Then i started jumping on my mom's bed and screamed!!!!!!! I was like.. are you deadly serious???? hahahaah... I was so ecstatic until i didnt know who should i contact first.

I felt so lucky to achieve this results and at the same time i am super duper happy for it as i really really put on a lot of work... The journey taking the STPM examination was not easy at all and we needed to struggle so much. We got to deal with whole bunch of pressure and also stress... Yay!!! i want to say this to everyone in the world...''WE STOOD WHEN STANDING ARE DIFFICULT!!'' & ''Yes, we can!!''

from left to right: leewen, eeping,pinyin,pn.loo, sing ghee and chris

The Scorers with our headmaster. XD

some small part of us.

yay!! toofy smile

pinyin,sing ghee & Chee Wee



t.LNee said...

Congrats Pin yin! I could feel your happiness in the air.. haha

Yin Mei said...

faster say kam siah to me. I provide u pictures for u to blog