Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I simply do not understand why there are some people who would ask all those questions but they dont seem to be interested to hear my reply.So what is their purpose of asking?? The worst part is that, they have asked me exactly the same questions over and over again!! man.... this is excruciating. Cant they have just lil sincerity in the heart? or perhaps be more CREATIVE?? They can babbled non-stop on gossips but i dun understand why they cant find something new to start a conversation...There was once, ''She'' asked me this

''She'' : pinyin.. when will your results coming out?
Me: Around in march...

I observed ''she'' when i replied... and i noticed that ''she'' was not listening to me, instead she turned and started talking to the others. =='' -super, extra SWT.

Few weeks after that, she asked me that same questions again. and TODAY she asked me yet again.... WTF.

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Myhorng said...

some ppl suffering mental illness. forgive forgive LOL