Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is What we call -FUN

There are still tons of pictures taken during the China trip which I have yet to upload. Since i have nothing much to do today, i have decided to upload some of them here. All these pics show that we indeed had infinity fun!! No matter where we go, No matter how boring the places are, No matter where we are stranded, either in an island or lost in a jungle... there sure to be Entertainment going on because those people are Mr.Lee Leng Heng's children and grandchildren. haha.They are the jokers.

Yi Shian mei mei, Lin Min n me in a 'pom pom' bike.XD

This is what we call girls' wrestling.

I do not know whose idea is that...asking all of the guys to crawl under the small hole.

So its actually good to be 'S' size.

'S' size?? that was why he did it so effortlessly

wohoo.... Center of attraction.

bir at the specific 'place'?? cool

who is tat man??

hahaah... salute.

Lee Leng Heng's children n grandchildren.

aiks..such a cute lil girl..

Helang and Anak ayam game..haha.

Never grow old huh??

we are proud to be childish!!! yay!!

** The pictures are taken from Horng's camera- TQ 4 the pics!! hehe


Myhorng said...

wooot... this post remind me that i still have a final day post to be done. OMG!

btw, thanks for the linkage. ;)

Anonymous said...

well done....keep it uppppp