Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yup.... The ONE is none other than my newest Guitar!!!! At last i owned it! I worked hard to get this!! wohoo.. Words cannot be used to describe how Happy i felt after getting this..All of us will appreciate things more when we had experienced the hardships to get what we want. Things which come easily will be thrown away easily too! That is my philosophy. haha. Chaoz...!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Is RED a H-A-P-P-Y colour after all????

Let us take a look of the incidents occurred few weeks and few months back...recall what we had read in the newspaper. The front cover and the headlines..These headlines sound familiar to you? ->''Riot in Bangkok'' or ''The Red Supporters'' or ''The Supporters of Bangkok fugitive-Thaksin'' We read bout the supporters broke into the building where the meeting took place and that had caused the Thailand's Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva declared emergency in Bangkok. I dunno what will happened if i were to be there shopping at Siam Paragon when the red supporters carrying various weapons creating mayhem. That will be so frightening.

I tried to look into this as an overall picture and i find nothing positive bout this incident. The truth is, i was and am sad for what have happened to our nation. Remember this song ''Where is the LOVE?'' by Black Eye Peas? The lyrics in this song really suite the current violent demonstration. Where is the harmony?? Where is the joy of staying together in one roof as families?? Long gone?? I was truly exasperated after looking at the pictures in the newspaper which showed many people have injured, bleeding and even died ALL BECAUSE of one person. What more can I do than just blog bout it? Frustrations are not taking this incident into a better state. I do hope something good will eventually start to eat up the bad stuff... is it possible to just hope here???? No Peace = No Happiness + No Safety

Monday, April 13, 2009

~~Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves.~~ By Aristotle

True Enough??

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hot Body or Not So Hot Body??

I woke up b4 dawn today (what a surprise) and got ready to have a fantastic kick-start of the day!! Why do i sound so enthusiastic? haha. It was ages since the last time i woke up damn early and i actually felt a lil weird for that. According to my plan, i was going for a hike up to the hill situated at Youth Park- Station 3 with my friends. When one of my friends, msg me to inform me bout this activity, i sounded pretty cool with it and thought it will be an easy task for me. ''Station 3 only wat... ''sub'' ''sub'' the water''. Then i started the hike...halfway through, my heart pumped super hard, working extra hard to send the oxygen to my brain and i was drained out of energy. What happened to my fitness level?? Man.. this is terrible. I used to hike up that hill effortlessly and now....sigh.I recalled and i realized i have not hike up this hill for approximately 4 months!! Now i know why. This will be a ''warning'' for me to make me strive extra miles to gain my fitness back and also get into a better shape. So its only between LAZINESS and HARDWORKING and also Between HOT BODY and NOT SO HOT BODY.

I will either have this,

OR I will have this....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fisherman's Grill

Anyone suddenly feel bored of having their usual hawkers food?? OR do you all feel that you need some changes in your food?? You should come to ''Fisherman's Grill'' situated near to SRJK (C) Chong Cheng, Sungai Ara. The food is yummy with Lots of varieties to choose!! Price?? Affordable and super worth it. The restaurant itself is very soothing, romantic and perfect for family gatherings, friends meet ups and as well as couples courting. The loos, especially the toilet sits are great to put our butts on them without worrying bout the unhygienic stuff.

FOOD - 7/10
LAYOUT OF THE RESTAURANT - 6/10 (I do not really like the really dim lights..the rest are fine with me)
WAITER & WAITRESS - 5/10 (Some are not friendly enough and even complained that we requested too much of Tatar sauce.What the hell is that?? We pay for the bill u know.)

** Bussiness Hour- 11.30-2.30 pm
- 6-10.30pm
** Tel - 04- 6436206
**Add- 300-X-1 Jalan Dato' Ismail Hashim, Desaria, Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas.

This is the main entrance, which i find it fascinating. I like the effect of the glowing sun behind the doors.

One of the side dishes available.

The dim lights.

What should i call this? Mini fountain? haha

Fries with cheese..

Chicken Grill- one of the set dish.

Hainan Chicken Chop.

Fillet- One of the set lunch dish too.

Try kikapo with sour plum b4??

Desert. It comes together with the set dish

Ice Cream. Only for Children. :(


ChernWern & Tiang Chuan

The Tan family.

Their usual stuff lar...gossiping lor..

Tiang Chuan & Jeremy

From left to right: KwanLIn, Cathay Tan, LeeJeeSiew and Tiang Chuan

Tiang Chuan n me

Smiley me!! Felt happy because of my full stomach

what the heck

my ''boss'' and me

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ching Ming 2009

Ching Ming = The Chinese pay their respects to their ancestors annually on the month of April. To the dead and also the alive ones, this is the time they gather with their love ones to eat! As usual, we will bring lots of food to my grandparents' grave to do some offering. We pray, we talk, we eat, we joke, we do sun bathing..last but not least..we even will asked for numbers.... Empat Ekor. haha...
The sun seems to shine unmercifully year by year but thank God with his blessing, my aunt for the 1st time in so many years, have brought a huge umbrella for US! That really helped to prevent us from getting roasted.


Hardworkin guy huh??? he did all of this job before we even arrived! TQ!

Look at the huge umbrella and also the black shade??? they are from my aunt, the one who wears green t shirt.

Thinking of the best strategies???

my grandparents' tomb
the offering started right there... everyone took their turns

One by one/ one buy one

100 plus under the hot sun?? definitely one of the X Factors

Here comes the expert...ta da!!

see those papers?? we will take the folded papers randomly and each other folded papers contain numbers

In the midst of waiting for the offering process to finish, they guys started to go vain.


Arab citizen at the tomb??

Baris... baris... sedia!!!!

Hiding under the umbrellas??

another one here..

more of the umbrellas..... ''when we shine. we shine together, when you fall, i watch you fall''

This obviously shows that- the world's climate has changed drastically.. Do something!!! More Earth Hour to go in the future??? I totally support that idea!!!