Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ching Ming 2009

Ching Ming = The Chinese pay their respects to their ancestors annually on the month of April. To the dead and also the alive ones, this is the time they gather with their love ones to eat! As usual, we will bring lots of food to my grandparents' grave to do some offering. We pray, we talk, we eat, we joke, we do sun bathing..last but not least..we even will asked for numbers.... Empat Ekor. haha...
The sun seems to shine unmercifully year by year but thank God with his blessing, my aunt for the 1st time in so many years, have brought a huge umbrella for US! That really helped to prevent us from getting roasted.


Hardworkin guy huh??? he did all of this job before we even arrived! TQ!

Look at the huge umbrella and also the black shade??? they are from my aunt, the one who wears green t shirt.

Thinking of the best strategies???

my grandparents' tomb
the offering started right there... everyone took their turns

One by one/ one buy one

100 plus under the hot sun?? definitely one of the X Factors

Here comes the expert...ta da!!

see those papers?? we will take the folded papers randomly and each other folded papers contain numbers

In the midst of waiting for the offering process to finish, they guys started to go vain.


Arab citizen at the tomb??

Baris... baris... sedia!!!!

Hiding under the umbrellas??

another one here..

more of the umbrellas..... ''when we shine. we shine together, when you fall, i watch you fall''

This obviously shows that- the world's climate has changed drastically.. Do something!!! More Earth Hour to go in the future??? I totally support that idea!!!


Myhorng said...

thanks for the coverage. nice to see someone take some pics to share. i need to cabut early, missing out.

pinyin said...

haha. You were gone when we arrived. n i asked 'where is horng ko?' ''Sudah balik lor''.. haha... i nid to have some original pics for my blogs tats y i nid to take the pics. haha

Anonymous said...

tks pin yin 4 sharing....thats vv cool 2 look at the year i should be back 2 join u guys...why horng ko always so bz 1...bermuda...

pinyin said...

no problem. u can always drop by my blog to update urself with the happenings. He is always a busy guy living in a busy city with a busy life. haha... but i think tat he is enjoying his busy life...:P