Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hot Body or Not So Hot Body??

I woke up b4 dawn today (what a surprise) and got ready to have a fantastic kick-start of the day!! Why do i sound so enthusiastic? haha. It was ages since the last time i woke up damn early and i actually felt a lil weird for that. According to my plan, i was going for a hike up to the hill situated at Youth Park- Station 3 with my friends. When one of my friends, msg me to inform me bout this activity, i sounded pretty cool with it and thought it will be an easy task for me. ''Station 3 only wat... ''sub'' ''sub'' the water''. Then i started the hike...halfway through, my heart pumped super hard, working extra hard to send the oxygen to my brain and i was drained out of energy. What happened to my fitness level?? Man.. this is terrible. I used to hike up that hill effortlessly and now....sigh.I recalled and i realized i have not hike up this hill for approximately 4 months!! Now i know why. This will be a ''warning'' for me to make me strive extra miles to gain my fitness back and also get into a better shape. So its only between LAZINESS and HARDWORKING and also Between HOT BODY and NOT SO HOT BODY.

I will either have this,

OR I will have this....

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Myhorng said...

time might have something to do with these. LOL