Friday, April 17, 2009

Is RED a H-A-P-P-Y colour after all????

Let us take a look of the incidents occurred few weeks and few months back...recall what we had read in the newspaper. The front cover and the headlines..These headlines sound familiar to you? ->''Riot in Bangkok'' or ''The Red Supporters'' or ''The Supporters of Bangkok fugitive-Thaksin'' We read bout the supporters broke into the building where the meeting took place and that had caused the Thailand's Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva declared emergency in Bangkok. I dunno what will happened if i were to be there shopping at Siam Paragon when the red supporters carrying various weapons creating mayhem. That will be so frightening.

I tried to look into this as an overall picture and i find nothing positive bout this incident. The truth is, i was and am sad for what have happened to our nation. Remember this song ''Where is the LOVE?'' by Black Eye Peas? The lyrics in this song really suite the current violent demonstration. Where is the harmony?? Where is the joy of staying together in one roof as families?? Long gone?? I was truly exasperated after looking at the pictures in the newspaper which showed many people have injured, bleeding and even died ALL BECAUSE of one person. What more can I do than just blog bout it? Frustrations are not taking this incident into a better state. I do hope something good will eventually start to eat up the bad stuff... is it possible to just hope here???? No Peace = No Happiness + No Safety


Myhorng said...

it is always better to have hope then not.

pinyin said...

yea... you r right bout it.. :P