Saturday, May 2, 2009


I have somehow started to like kayaking although i am suck at it. It is a fun yet exciting sport. Some may think that kayaking is a dangerous and risky sport. Well, whether or not it is dangerous, we got to look at where we kayak, either at the sea, lake or water falls. I personally prefer to kayak at the sea rather than at the lake as i love the 'natural' wave and also the adventures. Kayaking at the lake is much more easier than the one at sea and also of course at the water falls. I never tried the one at the water falls yet. haha. This i think would be much more nerve wrecking. Those with strong biceps will help a lot in kayaking and for those like me who do not have that strong biceps, it will be much harder. TRY it!! I bet you will have great fun! We didnt manage to take any pictures of us during the kayaking..No one wanted to risk their camera.

Kayaking at the sea

Kayaking at the lake

Kayaking at the water falls... I wonder whether i will do it in the future or not..haha


Myhorng said...

get a water proof case.

PiGgY PiNg said...

Our sea whr gt so sui?