Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers' Day 2009

The kiddies and the men together with the 3 moms had such a wonderful, remarkable and romantic night at Ferringhi Garden. The theme for us was ''A NIght to Remember''. With the outstanding layout of the natural plants, fountains and cozy atmosphere, it was understood that we need to be well dressed. The food was alright, not to say excellent, maybe my taste buds were a lil different from the others. Most important thing was that all of us really appreciate each others'' company. This is what we call ''mothers' day' whereby mothers were filled with love and joy given by their love ones.

Mummy No.1

Mummy No.2

Mummy No.3

The Kiddies in the ladies!

aiks.. :P


hannchern with his mushroom soup

me with the strawberry milkshake...''my milikshake brings all the boys to the yard..'' remember this song? haha

Lee Jee siew with Tan Lin Min..her perfect daughter.

Jeremy @ ah pui with me

ah pui with linmin

ah pui with ah san

jeremy with tan kok tai

mei,linmin and gary

mummy june with her lovely son.

3 moms with............??? ermm.. charlie angels? haha



Myhorng said...

*thumbs up

your mom deserve this.

Yin Mei said...

Your mum was having a fun time with her daughter in law cooking really good stuff that night too! That's why she didn't join us!