Friday, May 29, 2009

Where is Mr.Ong????

We were supposed to meet up with Mr.Ong last Sunday at Pizaa Hut and where was he?? No idea.Jocelyne talked to him on the phone. He refused to tell her where he went. So in the end.. we ''makan sendiri''. The turn out was not that bad and the good news was, we got to see each other after 6 long months of separations. haha

left to right: Lynette & Siew Ping. Nette are you thinking of kiling someone? cause ur face tells us.'s favourite student misses him...haha

group pic.sitting from left to right:kehjun,pinyin,lynette
standing frm left to right:Edwina, Siew Ping
Camera: Jocelyne.

Edwina, JOcelyne n me

The Queen sitting???

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE??? Biggest, Bigger N Big.hahaha... or should be Big,Medium and Small??


Myhorng said...

yeah, just enjoy the every moment n don't care bout the fallout.

pinyin said...

hahah.. yup! thats right. :P