Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tribute to our King of Pop

It was a total shock for me to receive this news early in the morning! MJ is dead?? I could not believe what i have heard, same goes to his million fans around the world. I listen to his songs since young till now..They grow within me. I have always loved ''i am not alone'' song, ''heal the world'' and ''Black & White' ' . We will miss him deeply...we will miss his dance moves ''the moonwalk and also the 'touching' part'' we will miss his unique voice ''the oouu!!'' RIP MICHEAL JACKSON.

**I could not believe that this will be my last post before i leave...I thought i would be writing something happy or bright but instead it was all bout MJ. **


I was in the midst of packing my bags and getting ready for my new journey...suddenly something struck me. I paused to look at the number of things that i have bought including clothes, toiletries and lots and lots of food. How on Earth can my mom's car fit those?? And i started to think how lucky i am to have all the essentials ready for me. All i have to do is to pack them only. How could I ever said that Money is not important in our lives when people especially the students need them to buy their basics? Now th ''Slumdog Millionaire'' scenes came flashing back into my memories. People live in slum, begging for food, children running without their shoes and also answering their nature calls in tiny wooden hut with no water or tissue papers provided. I always used to complain here and there....''forgive me lar...sometimes when we have too much things we also will i will change my attitude for the sake of the less fortunate children'' .i am sure you have heard bout ppl complaining their food - ''wah... pai chiak ka si or eeewww boh ho chiak lar..'' Now, i have come to a point where i need to really appreciate what i have in the presence and also in the future..

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I think i will abandon my blog very soon...and it will be D.E.A.D. I will be going to Bangi soon, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia this coming Saturday and i still do not know when i will be back to Penang again.. I will miss PENANG....aaaawww... But somehow i am blessed to have this opportunity to further my studies. So do take care and chaoz...I do not know when will I update my blog again....:(

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Under a Vast Sky

*This song is sang by Beyond - a group in Hong Kong years years back when i was in primary. I used to love this song and until now i still love it. Enjoy it!!! For those who do not know how to read chinese, do not worry, there are subtitles in English. XD

Sunday, June 7, 2009

North Region Student Kenshukai 2009

NRSK 2009
Anticipations, Excitements, Entertaining,Fun,Blissfulness and also Sleepiness. Yes...I did have those feelings throughout this Camp- North Region Student Kenshukai held at Bukit Tambun Cultural Centre (BTCC-SGM) which i have participated in these 3 days. It was a last minute decision for me to join this camp...(yup..the usual me lar..) and i was blessed to be given a place or else i wouldn't be sitting here writing bout it now. We had students coming from Kedah, Perak and Penang to make this camp a successful one. But of course I got to give Credits to the Organising Committee whom had poured their hearts and souls to get this work out. Well Done!!

So basically, we have discussions and talks bout the following-:
1) Peace Proposal
2)Nikken sect- deviations/refuting-nikken.html
3)Relation between Science and Buddhism
4) Humanitarian Competition

I know these topics might sound boring or too spiritual for some of you, just to let u know that I had really grown from listening(yup.. i LISTEN not HEAR) to these topics. The peace proposal was indeed important to we students as we need to be aware of whats going on with the world..
After of ours of seriousness, we finally let our hair down!! wohoo!! Station games, Talent Night and also Dancing were things that we looked forward the most!! Take a look at those pics i took. Chaoz and have a great day ahead

My name tag!!

Li girl and pinyin

Me & Sooh Yeen

Ivan & me-He is a good photographer, check out his master piece-


me and the director....

In the Girls' Dorm. Posing for the best pictures. XD. Drama Queens lining up.haha

Girls exchanging contacts.

sophisticated post? from left to right: Pei Eng,Sui Jia,Li Girl,Wei Win,Yang Hun,Lee Wen and PinYin

i am the camera girl here!!

''Youth Happiness is based on what they had gone through and be able to stand up again to fight''

my group members but without 2 ppl..they were missing somewhere..

makan time!!

Group discussion-i was really struggling in this section as they communicated in chinese...but then i have learn a lot of new Words...compliments to me!! haha

Talent Nite where everyone got HOT!! wohoo...

makan, makan...

the last day- small part of my group members
during the Buddhism studies...

*Special thanks to the volunteers who cooked such delicious yet nutritious food for us*
*Thanks to the translators who have helped me to understand what the speakers said. haha*