Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was in the midst of packing my bags and getting ready for my new journey...suddenly something struck me. I paused to look at the number of things that i have bought including clothes, toiletries and lots and lots of food. How on Earth can my mom's car fit those?? And i started to think how lucky i am to have all the essentials ready for me. All i have to do is to pack them only. How could I ever said that Money is not important in our lives when people especially the students need them to buy their basics? Now th ''Slumdog Millionaire'' scenes came flashing back into my memories. People live in slum, begging for food, children running without their shoes and also answering their nature calls in tiny wooden hut with no water or tissue papers provided. I always used to complain here and there....''forgive me lar...sometimes when we have too much things we also will i will change my attitude for the sake of the less fortunate children'' .i am sure you have heard bout ppl complaining their food - ''wah... pai chiak ka si or eeewww boh ho chiak lar..'' Now, i have come to a point where i need to really appreciate what i have in the presence and also in the future..

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Myhorng said...

very good.
and soon enough, u will be complaining about daily malay food dy.