Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tribute to our King of Pop

It was a total shock for me to receive this news early in the morning! MJ is dead?? I could not believe what i have heard, same goes to his million fans around the world. I listen to his songs since young till now..They grow within me. I have always loved ''i am not alone'' song, ''heal the world'' and ''Black & White' ' . We will miss him deeply...we will miss his dance moves ''the moonwalk and also the 'touching' part'' we will miss his unique voice ''the oouu!!'' RIP MICHEAL JACKSON.

**I could not believe that this will be my last post before i leave...I thought i would be writing something happy or bright but instead it was all bout MJ. **


Myhorng said...

indeed a bad news to start the day.

prince1z said...

Sure it's terrible news
I learn to dance from him
But he had grown way out of his league
He has grown too big and people are jealous of his success
So how's life in Bangi UKM?

pinyin said...

hi sir... orientation in UKM is super super tired. They let us sleep around 3 hours per day... n always kena scolded.. now class are starting soon.. do take care!