Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to Penang

I am finally back to my home town!! Something which I have looked forward since the 1st few days of orientation. yea.. i got to admit that i was homesick during my first few days in UKM and fortunately i got used to it faster than i could imagine. So lets talk bout the 1 week of orientation first. If you just randomly picked the 1st year students to question them bout the orientation i am sure they would say ''SUPER TIRED'' or ''SUCKS for the first few days but SWEET for the last few days''. Orientation was pretty tough because we got to adapt ourselves to the new environment and also the lack of sleep. Imagine sleeping every night at at 12.30 am and were forced to wake up at 3am and you could not continue your beautiful sleep after that... While for the last few days of the orientation, it was pretty fun as we got closer to each other and of course one of the reasons was 'orientation is coming to the end!'.
Now we talk bout our law faculty. Classes just started and everything was very NEW to me!! especially ''the contract law'' I could see millions of question marks in the air. haha...Still i am not the only one...really hope that i could see something better than questions marks in the air.i will keep my fingers cross. chaoz!! XD

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Myhorng said...

oh well, i never participate in any orientation. just ponteng. hehe.