Saturday, July 25, 2009

''Differences'' makes the Differences

I will point out the differences between my life in F6 and my life in UKM

The first difference is,
During my F6, i could always blog and chat with my friends whenever i wanted to even EVERY SIGLE DAY- 24/7

in UKM- Everday after classes, i am force to do this... and it sucks
Secondly, in UKM, when ever i felt sleepy in lecture hall, all i could only do was.....*yawn*

In F6-when ever i felt sleepy, I could just do this without thinking much.

3rdly, in UKM- My everyday lunch food will be malay food

In f6- I could eat Hokkien Mee whenever i love to..... awwwhh.. miss hokkien mee!!!

4th- to be continued....


Myhorng said...

hang on there. soon enough u will like ur Uni life more but not the food. you are from Penang that's y. LOL

pinyin said...

i kinda of ok with my uni life... except for the food..hahhahah...