Monday, August 31, 2009

So called Poem?

People enter your life, they will one day leave your life,
Happiness enter your life, they will one day leave you,
Darkness enter your life, they will one day leave you,
But when loves enter your life, and you feel them deep in your heart, even if they left your life, it will still exist because people are born to love.

-the sensitive me- haha
~Pinyin signs out~

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Once Upon A Time ''Look''

Ever looked back into your high school pictures or maybe the pictures taken 5 years before this? And have you all looked at the pictures of yourselves and your friends and start to compare their ''ancient'' look with the most recent ones? This post is not a matter of insult or to show disrespect to the others and myself but it made us think back of those times we had during our high school. If you asked me, the only thing i could not remember at all was those studying time in class and i can remember very clearly all those mischievous and nottie things i have done at schooling time. This, according to Pauline was the most memorable memories we had in those time.

1) will be Wengjin, ever wonder why he cut his hair until he was almost bald?

2) will be Sing Rou- she really looked ''sui kuan'' here- means the bad attitude look.haha

3)will be David Hng, this was him 3 years back... curious how he looks like now?

4)will be Pauline Khoo... any differences??

5) will be me! i look BLUR!!!

6)This girl is super cute... guess how old was she when this pic taken?? she was actually 17years old.

7)will be John... hahahhah.. XD john in this pic says - ''What Are you looking at????''

~Pinyin signs out~

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Room

my study table together with the cuboard

closer look

the bed

This is where I stay in for a year from now on. I was quite surprised to have this kind of room as i have expected something worst than this. However, Kolej Rahim Kajai's hostel rooms have proved me wrong. Everything in this room was brand new when i first arrived here even the bed! I felt blessed to stay in this particular room. XD

~Pinyin signs out~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A birthday wish that could not be heard

~Happy Birthday to my dearest beloved dad who is in else where other than the Earth right now~ Happy Birthday to you~~

-Pinyin signs out-

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


PUTRAJAYA: There were six more Influenza A(H1N1)-related deaths reported on Wednesday, bringing the total number of fatalities in the country to 44.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said that schools with suspected cases should not close entirely unless they could not function due to a high incidence of teachers or students being infected or under quarantine.

Our dear Health MInister said that those schools with suspected cases should not close entirely but in UKM there have been cases of people infected by H1N1, so i thought UKM should close ENTIRELY?? By closing the university down,we might control the spreading of this virus but we are only students, we have no right to make any decisions... THIS IS WHAT WE CAN ONLY DO IN UKM---------------------->


Sunday, August 9, 2009

I am sure those who have visited eeping's blog, you will know that she was under stress. All those assignments and those quiz that she needed to take. Now i guess it will be my turn to feel the S.T.R.E.S.S. Exams or should i say that ''test'' will fall on Monday, Tuesday and Friday together with our lectures, tutorials. Lack of sleep will be something normal for us now.... and Pn.Loo , my form 6 class teacher used to tell us that'' if you have worked so hard during f6, in University, all of you should not have problems. Do enjoy your Uni life....'' Pn. Loo, you are bluffing us lar.... Nothing is easy here. Everything is new to me and i am struggling now!!!!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Place to TALK n TALK n TALK

The 1st year law students had a half day out to the courts at Putrajaya few days ago. The main purpose of our dear lecturer for taking us to this place is to have a GOOD look around and experience the atmosphere (some of us might be coming here every single day in 5 years time). In contrast, we students went there with a ''better'' purpose which was to take lots of pictures. The pictures are not just pictures, but they do symbolize things. haha. The sculptures of the building is obviously built with all the Islam elements which i really admire them. They really do look like 5 star hotel except for the ehem....''loo''. We even went into the Court of Appeal during the hearing. Witnessed how the lawyer talk in order to support their points and also how did they defended their stands in front of the 3 judges. I found it fascinating although i did not understand what was the case about.sweat.... Alright...Take a look at those pics. The pics were taken by my friend and i grabbed from him. kekeke.

nice huh?

frm left to right:huiyan,pinyin,choonming & denise

frm left to right: Afiq,pinyin, the super ancient gazettes and Denise


Spot the NOT.

GIRLS RULE over that GUY

Buat lawak bodoh...zzzz.haha

oops...what the hell.

me reading the SUN at the court library.something memorable huh? haha

pikaboo!!!! cute!!

doing something memorable??

This was taken in the Court of Appeal.

Court of Appeal


Barack Obama's Secretary giving speech??

aaww... wat a compatible couple..this is our faculty Queen & faculty King.
What happened???cant blame them for doing this.Tat guy is too Hot to resist.haha

getting into some kind of model search competition?

group pic

Standing in the eyes of the world


cheers!!! ~Pinyin signs out~

Thursday, August 6, 2009


-CYCLING- wow!!'' interesting!! adventures!! so syok!!'' Nah....those words cant be used for cycling uphill. It can only be used if i were to cycle downhill. We had training on cycling just now and it was basically for us to know the route that we are using this sat for the competition. Girls need to ride for 3km and guys of course more than that... At least for now i am glad that i am a girl. haha. The training was tough and super tiring! i was drenched with my sweat and nearly got dehydrated. Sad to say that i was the last one to finish the whole route. No stamina mar.. what to do wor...However, it was a good training for me and it was actually quite fun if i had 100 plus together with me along the way. Wish me luck for this Sat!! hehe..

~Pinyin signs out~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Law Faculty Nite 2009

Alrighty!!! I finally have some pictures as my source of blogging after for 1 month!! We just had our faculty nite at a Hotel named ''Oriental something something'' which i have forgotten..hahah.pardon me. The seniors requested to have it by the swimming pool which i think that part of the idea were good ones and part of it were not so good ones.

The good ones include, the so called ''mat salleh'' style of party and it was a romantic night scene. The not so good ones include, we were all sweating like hell and imagine those stunning ladies with their make up on perspiring every seconds...just imagine how we looked like.
Lets talk bout food!!! I am sorry to say that i was indeed wrong to have the bad imaginations on the food. It didnt taste that BAD. hehe. While for the performances, i sang while playing my guitar with my 2 other friends, they are Denise and Esther. It was not the so called ''glamorous'' performance as you thought, it was a pretty rough one. Most of the people were busy snapping pictures with their friends and eventually paid very little attention to our performances and there was a point where i felt that we were like singing to GOD. haha. At least God appreciates it right?

I rate this Faculty nite 6/10.

Lucky Hannsern with us. from left to right: Denise,ChoonMing,HuiYan,Hannsern,Hannah,ChiaHeng n me
the Kajairians!!haha. both in the middle are my seniors. on the right is Manfred.

Guitar and US!! from left to right- Summer, Denise, me and Esther.

i know i look weird in this pic.hahaah

hannsern and manfred

guys.....vainning.... XD

Monday, August 3, 2009

All the way

My family came down all the way from Penang to meet me up in Bangi. The main purpose is to pass me the lappie and also to see me of course!! I bet they miss me cause my house is definitely different without my loud yet sweet voice. haha.I do really miss them as well especially my mom as she is my BEST friend. I poured everything to her last time when i was in Penang.
To my surprise, my mom bought whole lot of food for me ranging from instant oats to fruits! I was really touched and appreciate all those stuff my family did for me while i am in UKM. I could feel that my mom was a lil ''kincheong'' @ nervous for letting me to stay independent far away from Penang but i am doing well here. ''Relief'' wwooooo..... So staying away from home can be considered as something not bad as i really learn how to appreciate things back in Penang where i used to complain and most importantly is the relationship between my family and i. Thanks guys!!!

-Pinyin signs out-

*i do not have any cables to transfer pictures that i have taken from my hp to my computer. Sorry for the whole babbling without pictures here... sucks without them. haha*