Monday, August 3, 2009

All the way

My family came down all the way from Penang to meet me up in Bangi. The main purpose is to pass me the lappie and also to see me of course!! I bet they miss me cause my house is definitely different without my loud yet sweet voice. haha.I do really miss them as well especially my mom as she is my BEST friend. I poured everything to her last time when i was in Penang.
To my surprise, my mom bought whole lot of food for me ranging from instant oats to fruits! I was really touched and appreciate all those stuff my family did for me while i am in UKM. I could feel that my mom was a lil ''kincheong'' @ nervous for letting me to stay independent far away from Penang but i am doing well here. ''Relief'' wwooooo..... So staying away from home can be considered as something not bad as i really learn how to appreciate things back in Penang where i used to complain and most importantly is the relationship between my family and i. Thanks guys!!!

-Pinyin signs out-

*i do not have any cables to transfer pictures that i have taken from my hp to my computer. Sorry for the whole babbling without pictures here... sucks without them. haha*


Myhorng said...

i like this. independent and it will make u appreciate what u have more.

Yin Mei said...

oh like that la. Never even mentioned me la. I so pia to buy ur things for you also. hhmmppphh.

pinyin said...

aiyo... paiseh lor.... family also including u mar... ahhaah