Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Law Faculty Nite 2009

Alrighty!!! I finally have some pictures as my source of blogging after for 1 month!! We just had our faculty nite at a Hotel named ''Oriental something something'' which i have forgotten..hahah.pardon me. The seniors requested to have it by the swimming pool which i think that part of the idea were good ones and part of it were not so good ones.

The good ones include, the so called ''mat salleh'' style of party and it was a romantic night scene. The not so good ones include, we were all sweating like hell and imagine those stunning ladies with their make up on perspiring every seconds...just imagine how we looked like.
Lets talk bout food!!! I am sorry to say that i was indeed wrong to have the bad imaginations on the food. It didnt taste that BAD. hehe. While for the performances, i sang while playing my guitar with my 2 other friends, they are Denise and Esther. It was not the so called ''glamorous'' performance as you thought, it was a pretty rough one. Most of the people were busy snapping pictures with their friends and eventually paid very little attention to our performances and there was a point where i felt that we were like singing to GOD. haha. At least God appreciates it right?

I rate this Faculty nite 6/10.

Lucky Hannsern with us. from left to right: Denise,ChoonMing,HuiYan,Hannsern,Hannah,ChiaHeng n me
the Kajairians!!haha. both in the middle are my seniors. on the right is Manfred.

Guitar and US!! from left to right- Summer, Denise, me and Esther.

i know i look weird in this pic.hahaah

hannsern and manfred

guys.....vainning.... XD


chiayoong said...

no john in ther....sobs...

pinyin said...

u were so busy tat nite.. tak sempat ambil pic with u also.hahaha. these are the pictures i took from manfred wan..i dun hav cabel to transfer the pics to laptop.sigh.

HanS said...

yala yala!!!
No han han too