Thursday, August 6, 2009


-CYCLING- wow!!'' interesting!! adventures!! so syok!!'' Nah....those words cant be used for cycling uphill. It can only be used if i were to cycle downhill. We had training on cycling just now and it was basically for us to know the route that we are using this sat for the competition. Girls need to ride for 3km and guys of course more than that... At least for now i am glad that i am a girl. haha. The training was tough and super tiring! i was drenched with my sweat and nearly got dehydrated. Sad to say that i was the last one to finish the whole route. No stamina mar.. what to do wor...However, it was a good training for me and it was actually quite fun if i had 100 plus together with me along the way. Wish me luck for this Sat!! hehe..

~Pinyin signs out~

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SC said...

Good luck!