Sunday, August 16, 2009

Once Upon A Time ''Look''

Ever looked back into your high school pictures or maybe the pictures taken 5 years before this? And have you all looked at the pictures of yourselves and your friends and start to compare their ''ancient'' look with the most recent ones? This post is not a matter of insult or to show disrespect to the others and myself but it made us think back of those times we had during our high school. If you asked me, the only thing i could not remember at all was those studying time in class and i can remember very clearly all those mischievous and nottie things i have done at schooling time. This, according to Pauline was the most memorable memories we had in those time.

1) will be Wengjin, ever wonder why he cut his hair until he was almost bald?

2) will be Sing Rou- she really looked ''sui kuan'' here- means the bad attitude look.haha

3)will be David Hng, this was him 3 years back... curious how he looks like now?

4)will be Pauline Khoo... any differences??

5) will be me! i look BLUR!!!

6)This girl is super cute... guess how old was she when this pic taken?? she was actually 17years old.

7)will be John... hahahhah.. XD john in this pic says - ''What Are you looking at????''

~Pinyin signs out~


chiayoong said...

haram...invasion of privacy this one...

pinyin said...

hahaha... this is wat u call

Myhorng said...

i don't want to look back those photos. hehe

pinyin said...

haha... u should, to bring back the memories.hahaha