Friday, August 7, 2009

A Place to TALK n TALK n TALK

The 1st year law students had a half day out to the courts at Putrajaya few days ago. The main purpose of our dear lecturer for taking us to this place is to have a GOOD look around and experience the atmosphere (some of us might be coming here every single day in 5 years time). In contrast, we students went there with a ''better'' purpose which was to take lots of pictures. The pictures are not just pictures, but they do symbolize things. haha. The sculptures of the building is obviously built with all the Islam elements which i really admire them. They really do look like 5 star hotel except for the ehem....''loo''. We even went into the Court of Appeal during the hearing. Witnessed how the lawyer talk in order to support their points and also how did they defended their stands in front of the 3 judges. I found it fascinating although i did not understand what was the case about.sweat.... Alright...Take a look at those pics. The pics were taken by my friend and i grabbed from him. kekeke.

nice huh?

frm left to right:huiyan,pinyin,choonming & denise

frm left to right: Afiq,pinyin, the super ancient gazettes and Denise


Spot the NOT.

GIRLS RULE over that GUY

Buat lawak bodoh...zzzz.haha

oops...what the hell.

me reading the SUN at the court library.something memorable huh? haha

pikaboo!!!! cute!!

doing something memorable??

This was taken in the Court of Appeal.

Court of Appeal


Barack Obama's Secretary giving speech??

aaww... wat a compatible couple..this is our faculty Queen & faculty King.
What happened???cant blame them for doing this.Tat guy is too Hot to resist.haha

getting into some kind of model search competition?

group pic

Standing in the eyes of the world


cheers!!! ~Pinyin signs out~


Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

keng..where's the tandas picture?

pinyin said...

didnt take lar.. the tandas tak cantik pun...hahaha our home toilet is better

Myhorng said...

ohh hai malaimui future lawyer cousin sister.

HanS said...
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HanS said...

Haha!!! I din have a look at the toilet leh....
Is it really that bad?
Gosh... Wasted!

Yin Mei said...

haha! Semua blue color.

I thought go court should wear black and white..more pro la

SC said...

Surely, u'd develop a more keen interest in law now after the visit. Go for it! 1 day, u might be in there 'talking' & 'talking' too.