Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How Are You?

"Hey!!! Whats Up??!! How are you?" these greeting words sound TOO familiar to you? I have encountered this greeting most of the time. This greeting usually comes in a package with the sweet smiles and followed by hand shake or hug. Before i even got the chance to reply the greeting, the person will just jump into the next conversation. So, do they really want to know how are you or its just the matter of saying it as a way of greeting people? When i was really down at times, people's concern matters to me. Even the simple "How are you?" or "what happened?" will be appreciated by me. The problem is that, the person who use that words do not even bother to know your answer or to know how you feel. I mean.. is this suppose to be the way? It is like the person use that words have this thinking of "who the hell wants to know bout ur life??" This is like some kind of joke and at the same time it annoys me.

~Pinyin signs out~


S C said...

Ppl who care will wanna know the answer but ppl who dun will just simply perform the ritual in 'package'.

antonia f.l.lim said...

hey, :) come and visit me after your exams la... call me. :)