Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am Happy

Yes!!I feel Happy today! My mood is totally ultra vires the weather of the week. I feel happy because i am happy with my life right now. I do not know why i feel this way for now. I have lovely family members who love me as much as i love them, i have lots of good friends which i share my life with them, i am lucky to have the opportunity to study in UKM, i have fun and hard to forget times, i have excitements etc. I am fully contented with it and i am glad i am. I know if i complained so much about my life which i think it is not necessary at all for now, it will do me no good as i am currently obsessed with a law which is called "the law of attraction". I have came across several times when i tried to focus on positive things, then great things will on the way to find me. Of course i should not omit the important actions before i could achieve the things that i want. I am trying real hard to change the way i think and my perceptions on certain stuff and try my best to find positive things out from negatives things. 20 years of age is obviously an age to have fun and try everything new in the world to me as in to break every virginity's i have. So the word of the day will be "break every virginity i have" wohoo!!!
~Pinyin signs out~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poker Face

I know i am not a person who is good at concealing what i think and what i feel. When i am upset, my face tells it all. When i am happy, my action tells all. There are times when the timing is not that right where i am not happy with things and my friend call to talk to me about exciting stuff...I am sorry that i really cant give them the full attention. I really want to join in the fun but as i have mentioned earlier, i am not good at hiding my feelings. But if i changed, i might be known as a girl with Poker Face- no feelings. I really do not want to act this way at times, but...............

~Pinyin signs out~

A lil time alone

I know my roomate is gonna chop me off when she reads this post. haha..nah.. not that serious though. Today when i woke up at 10am, the first thing which came to my mind was "yay! i am alone in my room for now!" I say this not because i do not appreciate my roomate's company and help but i say this because sometimes i really need some time alone. I practically had the whole room by myself for the half morning. I slowly took my own sweet time to get my things done. First thing i did, even before i brushed my teeth, i on my laptop n clicked open my windows media player...wohoo!!! First song i played was Radja -Jujur. I fall in love with this song ever since our music modern curriculum performed this song last saturday night. So, here i go with the things i can do while i am alone in the room.
1. I can on the music whenever or whatever i like without making sure that my roomate is studying..
2. I can dance whatever i want
3.I can play my guitar whenever i want without the fear of disturbing my roomate
4.I can laugh out loud whenever i like, because i everytime i laughed in my room all of a sudden, my roomate will sure ask me what happen
5. I can talk on the phone with my frens how long i want
6. I can bring friends (guys included) into my room... haha.. nah... i am just joking bout this
7.I can use all those vulgar words whenever i wanted to...this is true... not joking...sometimes when ppl like me is super piss off, the not so sweet words can be out.haha
~Pinyin signs out~

Monday, October 26, 2009

Everyone will have their 1st time....

First time have a final exam in University. Usually during schooling time, although we had final exams, we had it in our own classrooms not in a hall with only a teacher and there was the time we start to look left right for informations.haha. Hall is to be kept for the major exams. Today we had Contract Law in Panggung Seni (a small hall) at 3pm. The usual me with the butterflies in my stomach. 2 hours and 15 mins definitely not enough for all of us to write all we wanted in the answer sheets. So, lecturers not my fault that my writing sucks to the max, i just scribbled practically everything in order to squeeze in the things i wanted to write in limited time. After the 2 hours and 15mins of brain storming, i was mentally exhausted man....this is bad!!! Even during STPM, i did not feel that way...Contract Law is really tough... and now all i can do is to cross my fingers that i can pass this paper...I am suppose to start on my Constitutional right now, but i just sit down here and pour my soul to my dearest blog..aiya.. tomorrow baru start lar...

~Pinyin signs out~

~Pinyin signs out~

Blinded by the Truth

GEORGE TOWN: The man had fought with his wife, complaining that their daughter was not spending enough time on her studies. And then, he splashed acid on the two and left the 17-year-old schoolgirl permanently blind and her mother dead. Hui Linn, a Form Five student, who sustained 60% burns on her face and upper torso, is still warded at the Penang Hospital’s intensive care unit in a stable condition. Her brother Jun Hong, 20, when met at the hospital mortuary yesterday, said he was afraid to tell his sister that she was blind and that their mother was dead.

“How is she going to cope, especially with the SPM examination soon? She is a bright student who scored 7As in her PMR examination,” he said.
Jun Hong, a Universiti Utara Malaysia undergraduate, said he was also shocked by what his father had done to his mother but would have to learn to come to terms with it.
“I will place my sister under our relatives’ care when she recovers,” he said.
Jun Hong, who aspires to become a stockbroker, said his parents’ relationship had been strained for the last seven years, adding that they would often argue over petty matters almost every month.

On Saturday, Jun Hong’s mother Cheong Swee Lin, 50, and sister were sleeping in their Jalan Batu Lanchang home when his father came in at 3am and splashed acid on them.
Cheong, who was badly burnt, died about 10 hours later.

This, happened to my ex schoolmate, Junhong and i am sure a lot of my ex schoolmates have already known bout this incident. I was totally in shocked to hear this case as it is so inhuman to me. I was in the midst of studying Contract Law in the library when i got this news. At that time, i was so stress out over exams but after hearing the news, i changed my mind. It was because of JunHong's sister, Hui Linn. According to the news, she is a bright student and SPM is only few weeks away. Now, because of the acid poured on her face and blinded her eyes, her bright future is vanished. I am very sure that she wanted to study very much and to pursue her dreams just like everyone. I placed myself in her shoes... and asked myself this questions "how on earth am i gonna cope with my life right now??? without my mom around and i am blind while my dad is in the prison for murdering my mom???" All those stress i have to bear is NOTHING at all compare to her life. I am truly sadden by this incident. Life is definitely unpredictable huh.....Sometimes the worst nightmare might turn out to be the truth. Is it time for me to stop complaining about all the things in life???

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


When a new born baby has just arrived to the world, everyone welcomes the baby.... everyone is overjoyed....ecstatic.....

The baby like everyone of us will eventually grow physically and mentally just in a flash! And then, here comes the normal life circle...the baby will be a young adult, then adult, successful career, marry and start a family...just as time starts to pass by one year to another year..... until the last breath in this world. Then we will bid goodbye to the baby who have came into the world years back. At that time, sorrows and sadness will be in the air...yes, in Buddhistsm Life & Death is a natural thing which we called it the circle of life. One normal human being will come into this world, grow, aged, sick, and finally death. I as a Buddhist do understand this concept form the very young age, but still when i witnessed death, i realised that after all, i do not really understand that concept. Just like what Buddha had said, human beings have "dust" in their eyes. Yes, i do agree with that. We do not seem to see things and penetrate into them. In Buddhistm, Death is described as something beautiful just like Life. Sometimes, i do really hope i can accept and take death as something beautiful and normal... but i am just like the other ppl... we already had the ATTACHMENT in this very Earth, we are not able to let go things we have obtained in this place of earth....this is why i cannot really take ''death'' as part of my life. I know i must but i need time...

~Pinyin signs out~

Saturday, October 10, 2009

When Will this End?

I practically will stay in UKM for another 1 and half month only.... and after that "Let's Party!!!"Exams lar... what to do..... I always look forward the things that i will and want to do after the exams.. They give me the motivation to study... at least my motivation is consider as a normal one compare to really weird motivation by some ppl... The lists of the things i want to do are :

1. Go for a cheap holiday in Malaysia. - (no choice lar..''cuti-cuti malaysia''...this words are for students like me who cant afford that much for expensive holidays. haha)
2. Get a driving license real soon!!
3. Meet up with my friends and also my beloved teachers
4. Shopping baby!!
5. Play badminton (it was ages since i last played badminton in Penang. kesiannya)
6. Paint Ball or Rock Climbing... optional..wakakaka.
7. Got to change my blog's layout (it starts to bore me
8. Brush up my guitar skills..

~Pinyin signs out~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Earthquake in Sumatera = Empty.....

PADANG: International rescuers are planning to end their operations searching for survivors of the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that hit West Sumatra province of Indonesia last week, as the first 75 hours-limit to finding disaster survivors passed.

According to a report by China's Xinhua news agency, United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) official J. Seen said on Monday that international rescuers would officially end their operation after a local government announcement later on Monday.

After reading this post my heart felt so heavy and i totally understand what is it like to lose someone u love the most. One moment you were talking to them happily, the next seconds they were gone....just one snap.... No one could have predicted the future and even minutes ahead us. When the 7.6 magnitude earthquake rocked Sumatera, i was in my room in UKM, safe. I only got to know bout the devastated new the next day. At some point when i read the newspaper, societies lending their helping hands to collect funds for the victims, i hope i could be part of them as well...However, all those fund collecting need people with cheque books!!! this was what i hate bout it...I do not have any cheque books at this time and all i could do was to pray for the victims. I felt super frustrated at times..Take a look at those pics....

Ps: My deepest condolences to the people who have lost their beloved ones in this natural disaster..


i cant imagine this if my house just collapsed....