Monday, October 26, 2009

Blinded by the Truth

GEORGE TOWN: The man had fought with his wife, complaining that their daughter was not spending enough time on her studies. And then, he splashed acid on the two and left the 17-year-old schoolgirl permanently blind and her mother dead. Hui Linn, a Form Five student, who sustained 60% burns on her face and upper torso, is still warded at the Penang Hospital’s intensive care unit in a stable condition. Her brother Jun Hong, 20, when met at the hospital mortuary yesterday, said he was afraid to tell his sister that she was blind and that their mother was dead.

“How is she going to cope, especially with the SPM examination soon? She is a bright student who scored 7As in her PMR examination,” he said.
Jun Hong, a Universiti Utara Malaysia undergraduate, said he was also shocked by what his father had done to his mother but would have to learn to come to terms with it.
“I will place my sister under our relatives’ care when she recovers,” he said.
Jun Hong, who aspires to become a stockbroker, said his parents’ relationship had been strained for the last seven years, adding that they would often argue over petty matters almost every month.

On Saturday, Jun Hong’s mother Cheong Swee Lin, 50, and sister were sleeping in their Jalan Batu Lanchang home when his father came in at 3am and splashed acid on them.
Cheong, who was badly burnt, died about 10 hours later.

This, happened to my ex schoolmate, Junhong and i am sure a lot of my ex schoolmates have already known bout this incident. I was totally in shocked to hear this case as it is so inhuman to me. I was in the midst of studying Contract Law in the library when i got this news. At that time, i was so stress out over exams but after hearing the news, i changed my mind. It was because of JunHong's sister, Hui Linn. According to the news, she is a bright student and SPM is only few weeks away. Now, because of the acid poured on her face and blinded her eyes, her bright future is vanished. I am very sure that she wanted to study very much and to pursue her dreams just like everyone. I placed myself in her shoes... and asked myself this questions "how on earth am i gonna cope with my life right now??? without my mom around and i am blind while my dad is in the prison for murdering my mom???" All those stress i have to bear is NOTHING at all compare to her life. I am truly sadden by this incident. Life is definitely unpredictable huh.....Sometimes the worst nightmare might turn out to be the truth. Is it time for me to stop complaining about all the things in life???

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