Tuesday, October 20, 2009


When a new born baby has just arrived to the world, everyone welcomes the baby.... everyone is overjoyed....ecstatic.....

The baby like everyone of us will eventually grow physically and mentally just in a flash! And then, here comes the normal life circle...the baby will be a young adult, then adult, successful career, marry and start a family...just as time starts to pass by one year to another year..... until the last breath in this world. Then we will bid goodbye to the baby who have came into the world years back. At that time, sorrows and sadness will be in the air...yes, in Buddhistsm Life & Death is a natural thing which we called it the circle of life. One normal human being will come into this world, grow, aged, sick, and finally death. I as a Buddhist do understand this concept form the very young age, but still when i witnessed death, i realised that after all, i do not really understand that concept. Just like what Buddha had said, human beings have "dust" in their eyes. Yes, i do agree with that. We do not seem to see things and penetrate into them. In Buddhistm, Death is described as something beautiful just like Life. Sometimes, i do really hope i can accept and take death as something beautiful and normal... but i am just like the other ppl... we already had the ATTACHMENT in this very Earth, we are not able to let go things we have obtained in this place of earth....this is why i cannot really take ''death'' as part of my life. I know i must but i need time...

~Pinyin signs out~


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