Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am Happy

Yes!!I feel Happy today! My mood is totally ultra vires the weather of the week. I feel happy because i am happy with my life right now. I do not know why i feel this way for now. I have lovely family members who love me as much as i love them, i have lots of good friends which i share my life with them, i am lucky to have the opportunity to study in UKM, i have fun and hard to forget times, i have excitements etc. I am fully contented with it and i am glad i am. I know if i complained so much about my life which i think it is not necessary at all for now, it will do me no good as i am currently obsessed with a law which is called "the law of attraction". I have came across several times when i tried to focus on positive things, then great things will on the way to find me. Of course i should not omit the important actions before i could achieve the things that i want. I am trying real hard to change the way i think and my perceptions on certain stuff and try my best to find positive things out from negatives things. 20 years of age is obviously an age to have fun and try everything new in the world to me as in to break every virginity's i have. So the word of the day will be "break every virginity i have" wohoo!!!
~Pinyin signs out~