Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A lil time alone

I know my roomate is gonna chop me off when she reads this post. haha..nah.. not that serious though. Today when i woke up at 10am, the first thing which came to my mind was "yay! i am alone in my room for now!" I say this not because i do not appreciate my roomate's company and help but i say this because sometimes i really need some time alone. I practically had the whole room by myself for the half morning. I slowly took my own sweet time to get my things done. First thing i did, even before i brushed my teeth, i on my laptop n clicked open my windows media player...wohoo!!! First song i played was Radja -Jujur. I fall in love with this song ever since our music modern curriculum performed this song last saturday night. So, here i go with the things i can do while i am alone in the room.
1. I can on the music whenever or whatever i like without making sure that my roomate is studying..
2. I can dance whatever i want
3.I can play my guitar whenever i want without the fear of disturbing my roomate
4.I can laugh out loud whenever i like, because i everytime i laughed in my room all of a sudden, my roomate will sure ask me what happen
5. I can talk on the phone with my frens how long i want
6. I can bring friends (guys included) into my room... haha.. nah... i am just joking bout this
7.I can use all those vulgar words whenever i wanted to...this is true... not joking...sometimes when ppl like me is super piss off, the not so sweet words can be out.haha
~Pinyin signs out~


asynn1107 said...

haha, if im her,then i will chop u off~XD

u feel like this bcoz u have a hardworking roommate~me n melissa can do our things anytime including listening song,talk on d phone n else~hehe~:P

bt sumtime do hav a little time alone is feel so gud oso~hehe~XD

pinyin said...

hahaha.. yin le, yes.. i agree that my roomate is hardworking... i really appreciate her presence but at times i feel like to be alone..haha