Saturday, October 10, 2009

When Will this End?

I practically will stay in UKM for another 1 and half month only.... and after that "Let's Party!!!"Exams lar... what to do..... I always look forward the things that i will and want to do after the exams.. They give me the motivation to study... at least my motivation is consider as a normal one compare to really weird motivation by some ppl... The lists of the things i want to do are :

1. Go for a cheap holiday in Malaysia. - (no choice lar..''cuti-cuti malaysia''...this words are for students like me who cant afford that much for expensive holidays. haha)
2. Get a driving license real soon!!
3. Meet up with my friends and also my beloved teachers
4. Shopping baby!!
5. Play badminton (it was ages since i last played badminton in Penang. kesiannya)
6. Paint Ball or Rock Climbing... optional..wakakaka.
7. Got to change my blog's layout (it starts to bore me
8. Brush up my guitar skills..

~Pinyin signs out~

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