Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas is always something i look forward to since young, people used to ask me why but i do not know how to answer them. My friends felt strange bout it because i am a Buddhist. Aiya...but i am a Malaysian mar...its normal for me to celebrate other races' day. lol. During my high school, i will visit my friend's Church for the Xmas celebration every year. However ever since she went over seas and i am in UKM, i no longer go there for xmas. As for my family, we will always have small celebration at home with lots of food and presies as the ''complementary'. On the 25th Dec every year, we will visit my God Grandma and my Aunt. Last year we had one too BUT this year..... i dont think so..... :( *sigh*. I will be back in UKM on the 20th Dec and i heard from my mom that this year there will be no Xmas celebration. What am i gonna do ar???? Now knowing that no more Xmas celebration with my family members, i still have some wishes for xmas this year... can or not ar???.....

Wish No.1 - I wish to have something exciting to do on Xmas this or what or who or where... i dun give a damn as long as it is something memorable and sweet.
Wish No.2- I cant think of any better wish than the first wish..haha... i am happy of wat i have for

let the angel bless me with great xmas 09.hahaha.

~Pinyin signs out~

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