Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cuti - cuti Malaysia

Went to Taiping few days ago to meet up with friends. It was a last minute decision for me and i obviously do not regret making it. Had lots of fun there with lots of delicious, yummy, tasty, hard-to-forget food!!! I still miss the cendol in i got to say this... it taste far way better than the one in Penang Road..It was a blessing in disguise that we had a dry and sunny weather during the 3 days visits. We had a great tour guide who took us around Taiping, introduced us to the interesting historical places and not to forget taking us to the perfect places of the heavenly- taste- food. He is none other than our JohnChan lor...Thank you!!

from left to right, upper to bottom: Chee Cheong Fan (taste very different from the ones in penang, it taste a lil sour but i like it alot), Blended Red Beans drink (Thumbs up!!), Char Keow Teow (i do not how it taste cause i do not really like keow teow...) Cucur Udang (not bad), Curry Mee (it looks delicious, but i didnt try that), Ice Kacang (i will always remember and if i were to come back to taiping, i will definitely eat that again!!)


from left to right,upper to bottom: John's Church (i forgot the name of the church..hehe), a tool to cleanse the Keris (in Museum Matang), the destroyed wall in museum matang (the wall was destroyed by the Japanese during the World War II, Port Weld (the 1st railway built from Taiping to Port Weld during the British), one of the Chambers in Museum Matang, Ngah Ibrahim's Tomb in Museum Matang.

Maxwell Hill @ Bukit Larut
love the flowers there, the atmosphere and of course the ride up and down the super winding roads....haha.

Candid Shots

~Pinyin signs out~