Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear Diary

"Diary", yes... i need you so badly now. How could you not here when i need to you the most? I need to pen down my feelings right now but you are so far away from me. This is making me nuts. "Diary", you are the only one that i trust the most because i can tell you whatever things i want to, without the fear of letting the secret spill out. You are indeed my secret keeper. "Blog", you are still important to me but there are certain things which are too personal that cannot be poured entirely to you. This is why i need my Diary as a substitute. All i can tell u "Blog" is that HONESTY will not do me any good for time being. Sometimes, things are better to be kept quiet
~Pinyin signs out~


esztergrace said...

hahaha...reminds me that I need to buy a new diary..sudah guna habis...;)

pinyin said...

hahahha... u write in ur diary too? cool..haha..mine also gonna finish..but i left it in penang...tats y i cant write anythin i ukm

esztergrace said...

yeah..cux not all things can be written in the blog. I brought my diary along cux i know I am going to need it. hhahahahaaaaa.... nevermind this week, u can see your diary again d... cheerio ;)