Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gossip Girls

Gossip Girl
is one of my all time favorite US dramas besides Heroes. I have been following closely the episodes in Season 1 and now i am still on the way in Season 2..yea i know i am slow! I just got the whole season episodes not long ago. What i like bout this show is because it is called "GOSSIP GIRLS" and it totally fit my personality!!. Nah... i am just joking bout it. I like this show because it is full of dramas and of course the fantastic twist and turn story line. It basically talks bout the life of the high school students in Manhattan City. They are Dan, Serena, Blair, Chuck, Jeanne, Nate etc. I wonder after watching this drama, this show really portrays the life of people in US? Definitely YES. Those Americans are honest enough and not to forget brave enough to speak the truth. Although they have done something bad which was to betray their friends, when they felt guilty bout it, they will just walked straight to their friends and confront them. WOW!! THUMBS UP!! They will usually have deep conversation and totally good in expressing themselves.Errr.. well maybe it is all scripted in the movie..haha... However, if the Americans really have those attitudes, i solute them. Personally, i think it is difficult to be honest and have the courage to actually bring out the truth to your friends whom you have betrayed. Whatever it is, i will be the number one supporter of this drama in the future...hahaha... hard core man..."I know you love me, XOXO"
~Pinyin signs out~