Friday, November 13, 2009


I have officially gained weight over this past 2 months in campus!!! Its all the exams fault!!! Got to put the blame on something rite? lol. My mission in this 1 whole month in Penang is to lose fats NOT WEIGHT in a healthy way..not by consuming slimming pills or starve myself but i will do it by exercising and eat healthier. I have started my so called intensive workout from today till my very last day in Penang. Wish me luck!!!! Any suggestions on how to lose fats in 1 month, pls do drop some comments... yea.. i know i sound desperate to lose weight... yes i am!! haha

Morning - Swimming
Afternoon- Sit up/ dance/ house work/skipping rope/
Evening-Jogging with my dog/climb up to the 12th floor (2x)

Breakfast- Dun eat so much
Lunch-Dun eat so much
Dinner-Dun eat so much

~Pinyin signs out~


Anonymous said...

go back penaang how to up la hahah :P


Eli said...

let's go hiking

Jeremy said...

huh ?! penang are packed with great foods !! no need to starve yourself when u are in such paradise !! open up and eat as much as u can !!

pinyin said...

choonming- not on diet.. but eat lesser and of course work out..

Eli- call me when u wanna go work out..ahaha

jeremy- i m not gonna starve myself in penang..i just eat lesser and work out!! hahaah... help me!!