Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life cant get any better than this!

As a student studying in UKM, my life is aint all bout studying, memorizing cases, swallow the whole text books, glued to the library chairs, and lock myself in my own room! I deserve better than that...I have already chosen my own path of life to go through which is to play hard, enjoy my life and also to study and pass every exams in these four years. Who cares bout how many 4.0 you get for every exams when you do not even know how to appreciate things and also how to socialize with people? Some ppl might care lar... but i do not say it is wrong. wrong or right, its up to each of us to interpret things. They have their own life, i have mine too. I will make sure that i live my life without any regrets every single day, i may be gone the next day, in one month, or anytime, but i will have this blog to tell my story....the story bout my life which i appreciate it as much as others.

~Pinyin signs out~

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