Monday, November 2, 2009

Sis Graduation Studio PIcture

I look super weird in these pictures. My nose, my face, my eyes, practically everything in my face were edited by the photographer who took this photos. I want to ask him just one question - "Who the hell you think you are to edit my face which dont even look like me?" I apologise here for being obnoxious. But after i have seen these pictures which took that photographer almost 3 whole months to edit them, i was kinda pissed off. I do not look like myself , i certainly do not look at all like Pinyin. It is as if i have undergo plastic surgery. People like XiaXue might love edited pictures (make the nose look sharper with flawless skin), but i do not like them at all. I admit that i might not look that glamorous or you would say not that pretty in real person, i really cant tolerate looking at myself who is a total stranger to me. I am fine if he edited my eye bags, pimples, dark circles but not till like this.

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