Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today is ''a -meeting- teachers-day-". Went back to my alma mater in the morning and i was really euphoric to see my teachers and vice versa. I could feel the close bond between a teacher and a student...not just teacher and student, but also like a friend. We talked, we laughed, we held each others' hands...These shown me that how much i have missed my school and my dear teachers. I could sense my teacher's eyes sparkling when i talked to them and looked like they have forgiven me for sleeping during their classes last year... lol....Later in the evening, i met my Primary 1,2 and 3 form teacher! This was totally unexpected! She was busy choosing fruits and i went over and asked her whether she still remembers me. Hell yea!!! She still remembers me...haha...Talking to her making me think back of the childhood times in primary....So today is practically meeting all teachers... ALL IN ONE.
~Pinyin signs out~