Monday, December 28, 2009

Year 2010 Resolutions

2009 coming to its end, say hello to 2010. Lets review bout year 2009,as usual there were ups and downs, happy moments and of course the miserable moments. I am bold enough to say that i have grown a lot in this year. All thanks to the difficult times i had to overcome. Without 'them' i will not be as who i am now. Without the tears, i will not be as strong as i am now.I wanted to be so brave to stand up high and shout ''What??!!! Those adversities are nothing!!'' However, there are still some timid sides of me that stop me from saying that lar... lol. There were lots of times when my plans did not go accordingly and got hit by rough stones at times. I am crossing my fingers tightly that i will have a better time and life in year 2010. I want to achieve the goals i have in 2010, i want to change myself into a much more greater person and all i want in year 2010 is, to be a much more happier person than i was in 2009. H.A.P.P.Y... yea... its my name when i slot in the 'A' and another 'P'. Hong Pin Yin - HPY, after the slot in it will be HAPPY. =)

~Pinyin signs out~

K-Trip 2009

This aint all about fun...It is more to 3 in 1 package. We had blasts for 2 days with lots of laughter, getting to know each other more and most of all, we shared our dreams together. I definitely did not feel regret for making the correct decision to attend this least it was better than sitting in my room doing nothing. It have been ages since i last attend camping trips...yea.. i am talking bout the REAL camping, like sleeping with the trees in the jungle. =) No doubt that i am a nature the rain drops, love stepping on the muddy grass, love breathing the fresh air deep into my lungs and love to hug the trees!! The day was kicked off with ''the race'' where we were divided into 3 small groups and each of the groups were given one sum of money and we got to make our own way to Taman Pertanian Malaysia,Shah Alam using the public transport. First thing that came to my mind was -''Errr....i am bad with routes''. Fortunately we have different kind of species of people in my group and we brain stormed our way to Shah Alam. We got to stop at some destinations to take the pics as the evidence of us reaching that place. That interesting and i will not consider it as ''extreme'' yet. Anyhow, i learned alot of new routes... bingo!! By the time we reached Taman Pertanian, we were all drenched with rain water and the worst part was, the toilets were situated damn far away from our chalets. DAMN!! All and for all....i will rate this trip 7/10. Special thanks to the ''People in charge for this trip''...Xie Xie ni!!

1st stop at UKM
2nd stop, Stadium Bukit Jalil
the set up for the concert held in Bukit Jalil
the people
3rd stop at Robinsons
xmas deco in midvalley...4th stop
5th stop- the bus stop!!

in University faculty... =)

the last stop, at KL central...
camera shy??

the place we stay over for a nite
the bed
the window

the line was super long...this was y we could not ride the bike....disappointed...

in the 4 season house...the theme was winter....
white white xmas....
freezing cold

~Pinyin signs out~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is what a FAMILY means to me

When i see their laughters,
they bring me joy,
not much words to describe this moment,
the moment when we posed for pics and shout ''SHIT''
this is what a family really means to me... =)

~Pinyin signs out~