Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas 09, I will adore YOU.

Since i adore Xmas so much, i took some xmas decoration pictures in various places just to satisfy my ''adore-ness''. I was mesmerized each time i saw those decorations and stuff regarding xmas . All i did was quickly snapped pics of them and later grinned to myself..... yea...self satisfaction....So HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!! SANTA IS COMING....HO HO HO!!!! HAVE A GREAT XMAS 09!! HUGS!!

Goodie bags!!

wow....its the cake!!wonder how it tastes

fake snowman....
muffins...yum yum!!
muffins no.2 cute!!
ho ho ho....

i would like to frame it and never eat it!!

jingle bell
xmas deco

Christmas tree!!!!

~Pinyin signs out~

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