Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kampung Ayam

No matter how far the distance or no matter how difficult the journey is, people now a day do not care much. What they care is that the quality of the things they want, especially food.They must guarantee that the food they consume give them the maximum utility. Cant blame them for that, it is hard to get high quality food in penang. My mom heard that there is a place which sells fresh chickens and eggs. So, here we come! Search for the place until we got it. Perseverance is the key! lol...As i stay in a high building, it is impossible for me to see chickens running freely. Everytime i see chickens, i will be delight to chase them and take pictures of them. Yea.. i know some of you think that i am nuts but it is very rare for me to see the alive ones...However, its not difficult at all to catch a glimpse of the dead chickens in the market...but for now, i want them alive not dead...=)

according to the seller, he owned more than 1500 chickens....whenever u want to buy,they will sure have it...tat is a huge amount.KFC should sign a contract with them

these will be taken to the market to be slaughtered alive....byebye my friends

~Pinyin signs out~