Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Happy 20th BURP-day to ChunHow, Michele and Kevin!!!

to ChunHow -Leech have known you for 2 years and i truly enjoy your company as my friend,
happy best ever birthday to u! Still remember on ur 18th bday, someone put
some solution in ur pants and throw you to the sea? lol...jom, when pi TAO?you chia yea. =) wohoo!!

to Mich- Mich, 5th of Dec is a date i will always remember for as long as i live. We have known
each other since we were kiddies! Remember the standard 1 bottle incidents where i
hide ur bottle and i ended up getting ''scolded'' by ur mom? wahaha..kiddies huh.
Although we cant see each other that often, our friendship is still as strong as ever.
Now that we are all 20years old, i wonder what will our future be..lol.. muaks!!!

to Kevin- Vin Vin, the 1st birthday that we celebrated for you was after our SPM biology paper!
How time flies!! now we are 20 years old!! You are such a great friend to me.
Whenever i needed help, you will be there for me. I know i am bad at times for calling u
names eg: sharky, indonesian man, blackie, but it was only for us to laugh! lol. We seldom
get to see each other after i went to ukm,but u never failed to take the initiative to
meet me up. hugs and take care!!

~Pinyin signs out~

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