Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Gay. I never really have issues regarding on gays. I would not care much whether my friends are gay or not, the most important thing is that they are good friends. This is what matters to me. When Brian Brown was leading the fight against gay marriage, i was and am on the fence. He has his own point of view as a staunch Christian. Barack Obama who is the 44th President of America repealed the "dont ask, dont tell" policy in the military. The US military had kicked out armies due to their sexualities and Obama stated that there should not be discrimination against them. Being an army of his country means more than their sexuality, the most important thing is that they are loyal to their country. In his opinion, Obama thinks that it is ok for gay couples to adopt kids and raise them, as long as the kids are raise in a loving environment. OK...this is a problem to me. Although i do not disagree on gay marriage, having to think of both gay partners adopting kids, this is not quite normal to me. We call our father as dad and our mother as mom. If both my parents have the same gender, so who shall i call as my dad or mom? or both as dads or both as moms? Imagine when the kid grow elder, how is he or she gonna introduce them to their friends.."Hey guys..this is my mom and my dad...just ignore how my mom looks..she is still my mom." This will be an issue for me. So perhaps having a gay partner is fine but if they have kids...that would be abnormal growing stages for them...
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Chikungunya. What the hell is that? According to Wikipedia, it is a virus (CHIKV) which is an insect-borne virus. It is transmitted to human by virus-carrying Aedes mosquitoes.CHIKV manifests itself with an acute febrile phase of illness lasting 2 to 5 days, followed by a prolonged arthralgic disease that affects the joints. The pain of the joints will persists for weeks or months or even years. As for the treatment, since it is a new disease, no specific treatments are given as well as for the vaccine. So i guess you have a rough idea what is chikungunya. I was the one of the unlucky ones who got bitten by the aedes mosquito and now i have joints pain. Honestly, the pain is unbearable. There were times when i felt so painful until going to the toilet was a big problem for me. It could be much better if the cubicle has the siting down toilet bowl, that can make a difference. At the beginning after i was diagnosed with this Chikungunya disease, the pain was the worst! I could not really move my legs even for 1cm, that was excruciating! I could not even walk out from my room to attend classes and out for food. I had no choice but to take some anti- inflammation medicine to stop the pain.

This disease had changed my life style, from an outdoor person to an indoor person. I can no longer run like i used to run, i can no longer skip the robe like i used to do, i can no longer play netball which is my all time favourite sport. I was obviously devastated. I had to forgo a lot of things, entertainment, holidays, meeting up with friends. shopping etc. My heart was smashed when there are some people who said things which actually hurt my feelings. I do not mind if they didnt understand how much pain i have been through, but they should watch their words at times. I do not ever want to have this joint pain problems at all, and i have to deal with it all by myself. This is already very hard for me and now i have to hear all those comments. Do you know how thankful i was to meet an auntie at a temple whom un
derstands the pain i felt? I felt at last there is somebody who understand this pain! She got chikungunya last year and she said "only those who had suffered this will understand how much pain we have to bear." and i could not have agreed more. She told me that it took her 7months to cure the joints pain. My mouth was hanging wide open. Seriously???!!!! This is my 2nd month of suffering only! that means i still have long way to go!! %$**$!!!...ok...FML. I will deal with to....
yea...i know cursing is bad...but fark u mosquito!!u made my life miserable...

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Informations that I should KNOW!

The Capitals of these Countries:

1. Canada- Ottawa

2. Arab Saudi - Ar Riyad

3. Argentina - Buenos Aires

4. Venezuela - Caracas
5. New Zealand - Wellington

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things about bout you?

1. I wish i could born with natural talent in make up-ing. I had to struggle a lot to do make up for myself. I hate to put chemicals on my face but at times we really need to have good and fresh appearance.
2. I used to be (and sometimes) a pessimistic person. When things cannot work out (my heart will scream and said "die lar die lar") but there was once my brother advised me that i should not react this way and must try to be optimistic, i started to change. My brain knows how to slow things down.
3. I will never let anyone condemn my family members.
4. I hate to eat alone whether i am in the house or i am out. I always love to have company when i am eating
5. I love dogs but i dislike cats
6. I always tell myself that "miracles do happen"
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Friday, December 3, 2010


Congratulations to my dear Say Kun and her husband, Dayron for their marriage. =) I am happy for her as she has finally found her true love and partner for life. I still remember few years back, Janet and I kept on asking her "when are you getting married ar?? we cant wait already!!wanna get angpow from u!" and now...finally, her wedding has finallllyy keeps our mouth shut from asking the same old question over again. Walking back to year 2007 where i first met her and Janet when i worked in Zaid Ibrahim after my SPM. Never did i ever thought that our friendship will last that long (do not get me wrong, as i worked there for only 5months.usually this short friendship will only be touch and go). The main reason our friendship still exist until today is because all of us have the most sincere heart to carry on this friendship as well as we had made efforts to meet each other together with Janet each time we are free. Janet and Say Kun both are like my elder sis and they refer me as their "adik". I wish SayKun and her husband to have eternal long lasting marriage... and i cant wait to see junior saykun!! =)

~Pinyin signs out~
Sometimes we do complain bout our friends,
But what we do not expect is that, the ones that we do not favour the most are the ones who will lend us a helping hand when we needed help the most...
Those who will not walk away when troubles find you, they are your true friends.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The WORST public speaking among singers goes to........

Honestly, she speaks the worst among other stars in HongKong. Every sentence there will be a pause and ends with "uuhhhhhhhh" "ehhhhh" "uhmmmmm". It is kinda annoying actually to hear her speaks. She should improve in her speaking skills as she needs to speak everytime.... gosh...

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Reviving my blog after for so long. I am enjoying my holidays and love to be at home =) Satisfaction. Now i am thinking of TATTOO!! *evil smile* I really want to get at least one tattoo in this lifetime. I would like to have it on my fingers, in between my thumb and forefinger. Just a small one. I always think that tattoo is a type body art, they will look great if people just dont over do it. Some people might have the opposite thinking, they think it is totally not appropriate to have tattoo as they do not give us good impression. I am imagining what would my mom's reaction if i really did get one tattoo...she will totally freaks out and i am doom! haha. So, i shall wait till i get older a bit to finally do it.. =) i wonder when will be the suitable time...

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Monday, October 11, 2010

I am sorry that i broke my promise

I have promised to you that i will be strong to overcome my problems,
but now i just broke down and cried,
my heart is just as fragile as life,
i do not know how long it takes for me to stand up tall again,
all i want to do now i to hug you and cry....
and i know after that i will be a new me again...

~Pinyin signs out~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its time to say NO

Its not that i do not want to do it, its just that my body sent me a msg saying that "enough is enough". I know who i am really is, i know that i am not an irresponsible person, i was born to do things right and i know what are my responsibilities. I do not need anyone to remind me of what i am suppose to do. Sounds like i am bragging? Whether it is or it isnt, i know myself best.

I had this programme last week which we have been planning for quite sometime ago. I had my own duty on that day and it was so unfortunate that i was not in good health. The truth was,few hours before the event i felt like giving up and ask one of my friends to substitute me (means taking over my job). Massive headache, nausea, stomach ache, dizziness, body ache (you name it i got it). However, i got hold on myself and i practically swallowed a panadol just make the pains go away temporary. Thank God...i managed to finished my job on that day together with my team mates. Thanks to their commitment. By the time i headed off to bed, i was extremely exhausted and was really sick. The next day i called Jeremy to send me to the clinic asap as i could not wait any longer. Thanks to him and other friends.

Today is the exact 1 week after the event and i have to admit that i still have light headaches as well as some body aches. So for these few days, i sleep early and i could not afford to sleep late. My body really needs a good rest and i cant afford to get sick again as my finals are coming. I am sorry that if i could not attend certain meetings at night, and i really hope people would understand my situation. Unable to attend one particular meeting does not mean that i am irresponsible. Once i am chosen to be part of a committee, i will carry out my duties well.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

PInyin oh...pinyin

I think i should bang my head against the wall...why am i so forgetful!! i was looking through my friend's facebook pictures and only did i realised that i totally forgot her graduation day!!!!!!! FML. She did helped me in a lot of ways, gave me supports mentally. How could i ever forget bout her graduation day???? this is the least i can do for her to show my appreciation towards her...arrgghh..

~Pinyin signs out~

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kopitiam mar....

"Kopitiam" @Coffee Shop. One simple word, has simple meaning which i myself defined in Pinyin's very own dictionary as "a place where people from all ages have their meals and chit chat there."

Q: Where do the Kopitiams usually situated?
A: They are mostly situated everywhere in Malaysia and Singapore, you can have a lot of kopitiams in Penang, Malacca, KL etc.

Q:What kind of food they usually sell?
A: All kinds of hawkers food ranging from char keow teow to Pasembur

Q: How is the atmosphere in a Kopitiam?
A: its normally noisy and busy

Q: Any Air Conditional provided?
A: There are some, but seldom

SO! Now i am sure you guys have a clear picture of what is a Kopitiam...Basically in this post, my main purpose is not just to let you guys know what is a kopitiam, this is what happened in a kopitiam we went into today.

As usual, we were having our meal with friends and while we were enjoying our meals, we talked. This is like a package u know, when we were enjoying our food we talked too (we will talk when we have finished munching our food in our mouth..haha). And when we got a lil too excited, we will turn the voice volume a lil louder adding laughters in that. Then an uncle came to our direction,speaking in Chinese "Can u guys speak softer?"

First thing that came to my mind...."WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF A KOPITIAM?"(so pls refer to the above) Do they even expect us to shut up though out the eating "journey"? are we in some kind of formal and expensive places? We are not in the library! nor are we in the hospitals! why should we even care to shut up when others were still talking in the kopitiam? he expected us to shut up when he was yelling away for the chicken rice order? he expects a kopitiam to be filled with quiet people???

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Thursday, September 30, 2010



Some of us hate our dads, some of us love our dads, some who really hope that they could have dads and some wish that they would never ever had dads. Its a pretty sad thing and i do not blame them for having these feelings. Once we had lost the most valuable thing in life, that was the time when we would really love to have it back. When they still have their dads around with them, that do not mean that they are happy. Their dads might be an alcoholic, abuser,prisoner or even a millionaire who does not have the time for them. Whenever i heard complains from my friends bout their dads, i would just listen to their complains but deep down inside,i wished that i can be in their shoes and to be the one who complain bout their dads. My friends will just come up to me and said "do u know how angry i am at my dad!! he is so childish!!" " or "how can my dad turns out to be like this?". I wanted to reply by saying "yea yea..mine too!!" but.... i had nothing much to say. I will just keep quiet. However, like i have said previously, having a dad sometimes is not a happy thing if their dads turned out to be a pain in the ass. I have heard lots of stories bout dads did stuff so bad until they could not forgive their dads. So many stories, so many experiences...only come to one conclusion, which is... "every family will have their own problems" the difference thing is that, how do they encounter their problems. So with or without a dad, we have to be strong.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

-We have our own problems,but those problems made us grow stronger when we encounter them.-

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pangkor 2010

6 years ago...we conquered Pulau Lang Tengah and Pulau Redang...

NOW, we finished off Pulau Pangkor....Everyone has grown up...the elder ones became wiser...the younger ones are trying to be as smart as the elder ones...

whole bunch of cousins...(without Ling and Kwan Lin this time)
yes...we are the posers...
crraaazzzyyy people...

Although those happy moments only last for 2days, we were contented that we had the opportunity to meet each other....So where is it gonna be for the next get-together plan?? =)

*Pictures taken from Horny and ChernWern

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Step Up 3

"People dance because dance can change things. One move, can bring people together. One move can make you believe like there's something more. One move can set the a whole generation free." STEP UP 3 is in the house yo..

The plot of the story is just the very ordinary romance story and student juggling between studies and dancing (just like the ones in step up 1 and 2). I bet all of you can just predict the next moves after you have just watched it for half and hour. Very predictable thats all i can say. However, i shall give credits to their filming. Although i am not a person who is good at this, i like the way the camera focus on the characters when they dance, those angles are superb. Those dances are spectacular!! They are beyond amazing! The final battle where those dance crews wear the L.E.D suites and the colour kept changing when they change their moves...that is creative!! So get us ass to the cinema now! Although it has a very simple storyline, it is worth to watch.

I rate 7/10.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where are you?

Bravery....where are you? i guess i have lost you for now...
when can i get you back?
i want to own you..

~Pinyin signs out~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My present motivation

I cant wait till 4th of September to arrive!!
I just cant wait to meet all my family members in PULAU PANGKOR!!
yup...this will be our family trip after the one we had in Hainan Island last year,
I know everyone is making their efforts to meet each other in this island
as we are no longer schooling kids like we used to be last 10 years
now everyone is all grown up and has their own job
most of us (exclude me, jeremy, kwanlin,hann chern n the younger generations) find it kinda difficult to get their bosses' approvals for their leaves on that day...
Bravo to you guys!!
Let's make this happen!!
This will be my present motivation!!
n most of all....i just cant wait to meet this great guy of mine....miss him so much!!

pangkor island... ada that beautiful boh?? hopefully..haha

He is one other than our Uncle Suan @ Uncle Jason....i am so happy that he can finally come back to penang and no longer have to fly back to Bermuda.....

~Pinyin signs out~

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sometimes, forgetting is just too difficult

People tend to tell us, ''just move on...thats all you can do...time will heal''. Words are easily uttered, but it is totally a different thing when we practice it. Time will heal, but the wound which have healed will leave a scar there and sometimes, it is permanent. I too want to move on. Its just that when a person who gave a huge impact in your life suddenly left you behind, there are a lot of things to catch up. No matter how fast you try to chase to catch things up, no matter how much strength you put to make it through the rain and storm, there are always holes in between. Everything we do, reminds us of her/him. When they are gone, all we have with us are the memories. Happy, sad memories. Memories should be the sweetest thing that they left behind for us. However, memories can make us cry too. Days have passed, as i am still trying to learn how to be brave without you and i am crossing my finger every single day that i will succeed.

~Pinyin signs out~

Monday, August 16, 2010

The ''outstanding'' smiles..

alright...take a look at this pic, nothing different, nothing peculiar..everyone is smiling..posing to take this group picture..

take a closer look...look at those people which i have circled it with red something different? this...out of no where...these 2 ppl have the most ''outstanding'' smiles in this group pic..i have no idea what both of them were laughing at. everytime i look at this pic, it makes me laugh..

~Pinyin signs out~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yum Yum - Dates

Since its fasting month, dates will be sold in a lot of places. This is the time when i can enjoy eating dates! yum yum! A lof of my friends hate them maybe because of the ugly texture..but bare in mind ''looks are always deceiving!''. It seriously taste like heaven! Not only for taste purposes, dates are good for digestive system- to those who have hard time shitting, perhaps you can try to eat dates. Its also a good remedy for weak heart as well as alcoholic intoxication. Since there are such wide benefits, just stuff it in ur mouth and taste it...if u liked it.. ''welcome to the group!'', but if u still didnt like it..''just pinch ur nose and swallow it..cause its good for ur intestines!''.

~Pinyin signs out~

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I wanted to buy one tube of henna which cost only RM2 so that i can draw designs on my own hand whenever i want...
somehow, there is a voice in my head telling me ''pinyin...put that do not have this creativity to draw, so dont buy it!''
I then changed my mind and asked the lady to draw for me instead which cost me RM5! i know its not cheap, but its worth it as i was happy to look and admire my hand for 4 full days..
Some ppl mistaken henna as the tattoo. Both are totally different. Perhaps i will get one permanent tattoo in the future.. (*toothy smile*)

~Pinyin signs out~

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

15th Malaysia Law Conference 2010

while waiting for the opening ceremony
Jen and I

15th Malaysia Law Conference was organised by the Malaysia Bar Council held at KLCC from 29th till 31st of July 2010. This conference had eventually turned me into a smarter person by now. *wink*. Through out the 3days conference my brain had consumed quite a lot of knowledges ranging from mediation talks to child custody talks. With all those beneficial talks given by the prominent speakers, i was and am truly fully motivated. I was very impressed to see the lawyers with their eloquent talks. Same goes to the judges who hailed from our very own land as well as from other countries. Speaking about judges, Judge Micheal Kirby, a high court judge in Australia attended this conference and gave a talk on ''The Rule Of Law" and was in the panel together with Datuk Zaid Ibrahim as well as YB Dato' Sri Ong Tee Keat to discuss on "Human Rights" in Malaysia. I love the way he spoke, very firm and attention catching. During the hard talk on Human Right, Mr R Nadeswaran whom he is the Editor in Special and Investigative Reporting of the Sun newspaper stated that ''All politicians are natural liars" and this had made the audience applauded, agreeing on that statements. Other than that, they had talks on ''What lawyers and Accountant should watch out for?"," Schemes of arrangement: How to succeed and how to challenge them", "What are the Key elements in a traficking in-Person case, etc. Listening to the speakers talking was just one part of this conference, the rest was i actually got to widen my net working. This is important for ppl like us. I was delighted that i met up with friends who i didnt even have a single thought that i would have met them at there...the world is just so small.... Last but not least...RM100 for this conference is super worth it! =)

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and YB Dato Sri Ong Tee Keat

Menteri Besar of Selangor

~Pinyin signs out~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I know i should be sleeping right now..i mean IMMEDIATELY. However, i think i should spend some time to just pen down bout my life recently and also to do some reflections on it. I shall update bout my life here in ukm, usual, its predictable that i have a busy life. Most of my time in weekdays are occupied with classes, tutorials, discussions, readings, meeting, not forgetting jogging. As i am quite active and got myself involve in Asia Law Student Association (ALSA) and Kajai Chinese Club, whenever i have free time in between, i will always remind myself to get the important things done quick. Being busy in the weekdays make me forget the unhappy moments that i have gone through. So talking bout this, i shall reflect things here.... firstly, from now on whatever things i want to do or attend, i will just go ahead and do it and i shall not have''if he is going, then i will go'' in my dictionary. secondly, i shall say NO to anything that i refused to do or go. Thirdly, i shall grab every opportunities in front of me and to use them wisely. Lastly, i should stop being so nice to ppl because ''miss nice will be misused by ppl''. Just remember this, everything in life is just TOUCH and GO. Nothing is permanent, so just dont HOPE so much...or u will be crashed.

~Pinyin signs out~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I guess in order to get to know a person, it takes a really long time...
not just one day, not just 1 week, not just 1 takes years..
the phrase ''we just click when i meet him/her'' is just not in my dictionary..
yes...i wanted to believe it with my heart but my brain tells me the opposite..
when we know a friend not long, they tend to take things for granted,
they tend not to appreciate you, they choose to be ignorant, some of them didnt really care to care for you, maybe to them we are just a touch n go card..i am talking in general as i have my good friends telling me how their friends treated them and i felt for them.
this might happen to one of us, perhaps we should pause and start to cherish all the friends that we have...always think of them whenever we want to make the decisions, take them into account...dont leave them out...

i miss them

~Pinyin signs out~

Monday, July 12, 2010


Yup...I am back again to UKM, this time as a senior. I still have not gotten over the fact that i am now in 2nd year and no longer as the 'youngest' among the students here. I foresee this coming semester as the usual busy schedule..EVERYONE foresee 2 and half months of break sometimes do us no good. I am too attached to my home for that time and now it is time to get back on my ass and start to get use to campus life again. =) In the brighter site, i am glad to meet my friends back again. Chaoz...

~Pinyin signs out~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well Done

Penang had reduced plastic bag by 1 million. Penangites have saved more than one million plastic bags in 4 months from the ''No Plastic Mondays'' programme. Good job for that!! REDUCE. REUSE AND RECYCLE for the environment!

~Pinyin signs out~